About Us

ScentSational DeLites candles began as a quest for creating a quality candle that would burn evenly, would not leave hang-up on jars, and not soot excessively like many of the popular mass produced candles on the market today.† I became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of candles on the market (wicks not centered, half of the candle burned or tunneled down the center leaving excess wax in the jar, not enough scent throw when the candle was burning, etc), not to mention the price of what I was paying for what I was getting.

As a dissappointed consumer, I began my journey six years ago working with various waxes, wicks and fragrances, testing and retesting until I was comfortable enough to give my product to family and friends as gifts.† It was their excitement and encouragement about my candles that prompted me to begin selling them locally at craft shows and now on the World Wide Web.†

ScentSational DeLites candles comply with the National Candle Associations standards:

  • To promote the manufacture of candles and candle products in accordance with recognized industry standards and practices.

  • To promote the safe and proper use of candles and candle products.

  • To pursue product excellence through quality formulations, testing and prudent manufacturing processes.

  • To foster technical advances and innovation in candle making.

  • To uphold consumer confidence through a commitment to product quality and corporate responsibility.

  • To foster and safeguard a fair and responsible marketplace.

Candles are desired in every home; candles are given for gifts of every occasion, and candles are highly desired around holidays and for entertaining purposes.† Candles symbolize celebration, mark romance, define ceremony, and accent decor -- continuing to cast a warm glow for all to enjoy.†

ScentSational DeLites values the artistry of candle making and a product that is not mass produced which can cause quality to decline.

It is our mission to provide consumers with the highest quality ~†strongest scented candles on the market.

Thank you for taking time to preview my products and please donít hesitate to contact us†if you have any questions.

Member International Guild of Candle Artisans

Candle Safety is of the utmost importance to us!