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Wax Finishes

ScentSational DeLites pillar candles are available in the following types of wax finishes:

Embedded Pillar - Objects imbedded within the candle. Picture displays pine cones.

Hurricane Pillar - Translucent candle either embedded with objects or a picture that is illuminated by a tea lite. Picture displays sea shells.

Marble Pillar - Dark, light, and white marble appearance. Picture displays red marble.

Mottled Pillar - A mottled or snowflake effect.

Palm Wax - All natural palm waxes naturally create beautiful crystal structures with a crystal or feathered appearance. Picture displays sage color.

Smooth Paraffin Pillar - Creates vibrant colors in a opaque smooth finish.

Swirled Pillar - White candle with 2 to 3 different colored swirled rings throughout.