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Fundraisers for your group or organization are available. Fundraisers are great for all types of organizations that need to raise money for an upcoming trip or needed equipment. ScentSational DeLites has a great fundraising program with up to 40% of the profits given back to your organization. If you are interested in participating in a fundraiser for your organization, please contact us for details.

ScentSational DeLites Fundraising Program

  • Your organization can select 12 scents from our extensive list of fragrances in which to choose. We offer two sizes of glass jars, an 8 ounce square mason jar with a rustic lid and a 16 ounce jar with a brushed silver lid.

  • Our representative will meet with your organization's fundraising coordinator to select the jar size, fragrance options and pricing customized for you.

  • We will provide all necessary paperwork for the fundraiser.

  • Individual order forms and customer receipts are provided for each participant.

  • Tally sheets for the final count are provided.

  • Your organization will collect all the funds and immediately receive the profit. Sales tax is required to be collected unless a tax exemption number is provided.

  • ScentSational DeLites will then hand pour all the candles ordered and deliver* to your organization for delivery to your customers.

*If you are local to the Lubbock area, we will hand deliver the candles to your organization which will eliminate shipping costs to you. If not, exact shipping will be charged with no additional handling charges.

Please contact us to discuss how together we can sponsor a fun and profitable fundraiser for your organization which will provide more profit than the typical 14-18% you receive from selling candy bars or wrapping paper.